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Attractions in Ozark Highlands Wine Country
Bridal Cave
  Location:526 Bridal Cave Rd, Camdenton, Missouri 65020 | Map it
More info: 573-346-2676; http://www.bridalcave.com/
Guided tours leave every few minutes and last approximately one hour. Tours are conducted over concrete pathways through the Cave's refreshing 60 degree environment. Park interpreters will lead you and your family through room after room of incredible mineral deposits. Giant columns, delicate soda straws and massive draperies abound throughout the cave. Millions of years of struggle between water and rock have created this cavern with more onyx formations than any other known cave or cavern. In fact thousands of school children each year explore Bridal Cave as part of their educational program. A tour through Bridal Cave is a family adventure you will never forget.

Clearwater Lake
  Location:115 W Green St., Peidmont, Missouri 63957 | Map it
More info: (573)-223-2402; http://www.clearwaterlake.org/
Beautiful lake that offers boating, swimming, skiing, and fishing. A number of lodges, resorts and campgrounds can be found nearby.

Elephant Rocks State Park
  Location:P.O. Box 509, Pilot Knob, Missouri 63663 | Map it
More info: 573-546-3454; http://mostateparks.com/elephantrock.htm
Imagine giant granite rocks standing end-to-end like a train of circus elephants. That's what you'll see at Elephant Rocks State Park. About 1.5 billion years ago, hot magma cooled forming coarsely crystalline red granite, which later weathered into huge, rounded boulders. Standing atop a granite outcrop, one of the largest elephant rocks, Dumbo, tops the scales at a whopping 680 tons! Visitors to Elephant Rocks State Park can easily view the granite boulders from the one-mile Braille Trail, designed to accommodate people with visual or physical disabilities. The trail passes by a quarry pond, which now supports a variety of animal life. A short spur off of the trail takes visitors to the top of the granite outcrop, where they can explore the maze of giant elephant rocks. A second spur brings visitors to a point overlooking an old quarry site. This red granite, first commercially quarried in the late 1800s, has been used as building material and as paving blocks for the St. Louis levee and downtown streets. Today, "Missouri Red" granite is cut and polished mainly for use as monuments. Thirty picnic sites allow visitors to rest and have a cool drink among the stone pachyderms. Come see for yourself why Elephant Rocks State Park is a place you'll never forget!

Fort Davidson State Historic Site
  Location:P.O. Box 509, Pilot Knob, Missouri 63663 | Map it
More info: 573-546-3454; http://www.mostateparks.com/ftdavidson.htm
Fort Davidson State Historic Site preserves Fort Davidson and the Pilot Knob battlefield where so many Confederate and Union soldiers lost their lives. A visitor center interprets the battle and Maj. Gen. Price's raid. It features exhibits, a research library, an audiovisual presentation and a fiber optics diorama of the battle. Nearby, a playground and picnic area make Fort Davidson State Historic Site an ideal place to get away with the family.

House of Butterflies
  Location:Lake Road 54-63, Osage Beach, Missouri 65065 | Map it
More info: 573-348-0088; http://www.butterflyhouse.org/

Huckleberry's at the Port of Tom Sawyer
  Location:1006 Bagnell Dam Blvd, Ozark Moutains, Missouri 65049 | Map it
More info: 573-365-3300;

Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park
  Location:HC Route 1, Box 126, Middlebrook, Missouri 63656 | Map it
More info: 573-546-2450; http://www.mostateparks.com/jshutins.htm
Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park has been a favorite of state park users for many years. On Dec. 14, 2005, the nearby Taum Sauk Reservoir breached, sending 1.3 billion gallons of water through the major day-use area of the park. Most of the facilities in the area along the East Fork of the Black River were either destroyed or damaged. Cleanup began immediately. It is anticipated that the park will be fully operational for the 2008 season. See the update page for more specific information.

Missouri Mines Historic Site
  Location:P.O. Box 492, Park Hills, Missouri 63601 | Map it
More info: 573-431-6226; http://www.mostateparks.com/momines.htm
Located within the eastern Ozarks is an area known as the Old Lead Belt. This area was the nation's major source of lead metal for more than 60 years; it is part of the great Southeast Missouri lead district, the premier lead mining district of the world. Serious small-scale mining for lead began in Southeast Missouri about 1720. A large demand for lead in the late 19th century brought major corporate enterprises to the Old Lead Belt. More than 1,000 miles of abandoned multilevel mine tunnels, with 300 miles of underground mainline railroad tracks are testimony to 108 years of persistent mining operations in this area. St. Joseph Lead Co. dominated ore production and became the heart of the Old Lead Belt, continuing operations in this district until 1972. In 1975, the company donated the 25 buildings of their largest mine-mill complex and the surrounding land to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. These properties became Missouri Mines State Historic Site and St. Joe State Park. The 19,000 square-foot mine-mill powerhouse has been developed into a large museum that interprets Missouri's mining history and displays old mining machinery and an outstanding mineral collection. Related books, minerals and mineral jewelry are sold in the museum shop.

Sam A. Baker State Park
  Location:Route 1, Box 113, Patterson, Missouri 63956 | Map it
More info: 573-856-4411; http://www.samabaker.com/
With the ancient St. Francois Mountains, the unspoiled natural landscape and the cool waters of the St. Francois River and Big Creek, Sam A. Baker State Park has something for everyone. Whether getting away for a day of relaxation or spending considerably more time exploring the region, it's certainly worth the trip.

Tan-Tar-A Resorts
  Location:State Road Kk, Osage Beach, Missouri 65065 | Map it
More info: 573-348-3131; http://www.tan-tar-a.com/
With a full range of amenities and resort services, Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach, MO is a destination all its own. Wilderness, recreation, pampering, dining, work and play everything you have in mind is at Tan-Tar-A! We offer boating, fishing, waverunning, waterskiing and parasailing on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. On land, guests can hike the lush hills of our 420-acre property or enjoy one of our two championship golf courses. Horseback riding, picnicking, tennis, swimming and other outdoor pursuits beckon some guests, while others prefer shopping excursions to nearby antique centers and outlet malls.

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
  Location:HCR 1, Box 126, Middlebrook, Missouri 63656 | Map it
More info: 573-546-2450; http://www.mostateparks.com/taumsauk.htm
Make the great escape to Missouri's wilderness - Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. The park provides 7,448 acres of solitude amid unspoiled land with a wilderness quality hard to find in today's world. Taum Sauk Mountain State Park is located in the St. Francois Mountains, one of the most rugged and scenic areas of the state. Almost 1.5 billion years ago, volcanic eruptions of hot ash settled and cooled to form rhyolite. Erosion has left only the roots of these mountains behind, now dotted by oak-hickory forest and rocky glades. Taum Sauk Mountain literally stands above others as the highest point in Missouri, rising to 1,772 feet. An easy walk leads visitors to the top. From there, the moderately rugged three-mile Mina Sauk Falls Trail continues to the tallest wet-weather waterfall in Missouri. Mina Sauk Falls drops 132 feet over a series of rocky ledges. A portion of this trail also serves as part of the Taum Sauk Section of the Ozark Trail. Farther down the trail lies Devil's Tollgate, an eight-foot-wide passage through volcanic rhyolite standing 30 feet high. The Ozark Trail continues on to Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park, a distance of 12.8 miles.




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