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Rose Wines in Missouri    

Winery Style Region
Adam Puchta Winery Rose Dry Hermann
Adam Puchta Winery Blush Semi-Sweet Hermann
Augusta Winery La Fleur Sauvage Dry Augusta
Augusta Winery River Valley Blush Semi-Sweet Augusta
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Joli Vin Semi-Sweet Central
Belmont Vineyards Pink Dogwood Sweet Ozark Highlands
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery River Bluff Rouge Semi-Dry Hermann
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Rose' Semi-Dry Hermann
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Sweet Ambrosia Sweet Hermann
Bommarito Estate Almond Tree Winery Almond Tree Blush Sweet Hermann
Bristle Ridge Vineyards & Winery Mont Rose' Semi-Sweet Western
Cave Vineyard White Chambourcin Sweet Southeast
Chaumette Winery Spring Rose Dry Southeast
Chaumette Winery Missouri Blush, N.V. Semi-Sweet Southeast
Claverach Farm and Vineyard Norton Rose Semi-Dry Southeast
Crown Valley Champagne House Robin Rose Sweet Southeast
Crown Valley Winery Royal Blush Semi-Sweet Southeast
Crown Valley Winery Robin Rose Sweet Southeast
Eichenberg Winery Rosawein Sweet Central
Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery remmuS Dry Western
Hermannhof Winery Vin Gris Dry Hermann
Hermannhof Winery Spring Blush Semi-Sweet Hermann
Hunter Valley Winery Gypsy Rose Semi-Sweet Southeast
Indian Creek Winery Rose Sweet Central
Indian Hills Winery Mingo Blush Sweet Southeast
Indian Hills Winery Dovetail Sweet Southeast
Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery Butterfly Blush Semi-Dry Western
Les Bourgeois Winery Pink Fox Sweet Central
Lindwedel Winery Summer Rose Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
Louis P. Balducci Vineyards Bocce Blush Semi-Dry Augusta
Montelle Winery La Rosee Dry Augusta
Montelle Winery Rose Gold Semi-Dry Augusta
Native Stone Winery The Czar’s Rose’ Semi-Dry Central
New Oak Vineyards Concord Blush Semi-Sweet Western
New Oak Vineyards New Oak Blush Semi-Sweet Western
OakGlenn Vineyards & Winery Blush Semi-Sweet Hermann
Peaceful Bend Vineyard Huzzah Valley Sweet Ozark Highlands
Persimmon Ridge Vineyards Blush Sweet Central
Phoenix Winery & Vineyards Draker Rose Dry Hermann
Red Fox Winery Red Fox Rose Sweet Western
River Ridge Winery Rose Semi-Sweet Southeast
Riverwood Winery The Blush of Innocence Sweet Western
Röbller Vineyard Winery Gabrielle's Blush Semi-Sweet Hermann
Röbller Vineyard Winery White Steuben Semi-Sweet Hermann
Sainte Genevieve Winery LaRose Rose Semi-Sweet Southeast
Sainte Genevieve Winery LaRose Rose Semi-Sweet Southeast
St. Francois Winery Tickle Me Pink Sweet Southeast
St. James Winery Friendship School Blush Semi-Sweet Ozark Highlands
St. James Winery Sparkling Blush Semi-Sweet Ozark Highlands
Stone Hill Winery Brut Rose Dry Hermann
Stone Hill Winery Rose Mantaigne Semi-Dry Hermann
Stone Hill Winery Blush Semi-Sweet Hermann
Stone Hill Winery Spumante Blush Semi-Sweet Hermann
Stone Hill Winery Jacquesse Kick'n Berry Sweet Hermann
Stonehaus Farms Winery Prairie Rose Semi-Sweet Western
Sugar Creek Winery & Vineyards Semi-Dry Augusta
Terre Beau Winery Giovanni Semi-Sweet Western
Tower Rock Winery NV Brazeau Valley Blush Semi-Sweet Southeast
Traver Home Winery Noiret Rose Semi-Sweet Ozark Highlands
Twin Oaks Vineyard Blush Semi-Dry Southeast
Van Till Family Farm Winery Red Tractor Semi-Dry Western
Van Till Family Farm Winery Red Tractor Semi-Dry Western
Van Till Family Farm Winery Ponderosa Mist Sweet Western
Van Till Family Farm Winery Ponderosa Mist Sweet Western
Vance Vineyards & Winery Risque Rose Semi-Dry Southeast
Vance Vineyards & Winery Blush Semi-Sweet Southeast
Villa Antonio Winery Rosetto Sweet Southeast
Wenwood Farm Winery Kran Rosé Semi-Dry Hermann
Wenwood Farm Winery Fragaria Sweet Hermann
West Winery Duck Creek Rose Sweet Central
Westphalia Vineyards Anna Rose Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
Whispering Oaks Vineyard & Winery Whispering Oaks Rose Semi-Dry Ozark Highlands
Wine Country Gardens Stella Rose Semi-Sweet Augusta



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