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Catawba Wine

About the Catawba Wine Grape

A pink grape used in the production of a blush and rosé wines, Catawaba produces a medium-bodied sweet, fragrant, strawberry-like wine. The Catawba grape dates back to the early 1800s being found along the Catawba River in North Carolina. The vine is vigorous and productive.

Typical Styles of Catawba

Semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet



Catawba Wine Grapes on the Vine


Catawba Wine Produced in Missouri

7C's Winery Round Up Rose Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
7C's Winery Bunkhouse Red Sweet Ozark Mountain
Belmont Vineyards Catawba Blush Sweet Ozark Highlands
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Apple Weisser Flieder Sweet Hermann
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Strawberry Weisser Flieder Sweet Hermann
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Raspberry Weisser Flieder Sweet Hermann
Buck Mountain Winery & Vineyard Catawba Blush Semi-Sweet Southeast
Hemman Winery Catawba Sweet Southeast
Little Hills Winery & Restaurant Catawba Blush Semi-Sweet Augusta
Little Hills Winery & Restaurant Sweet Catawba Rosé Sweet Augusta
Meramec Vineyards Catawba Blush Semi-Sweet Ozark Highlands
Meramec Vineyards Sweet Cat Sweet Ozark Highlands
Montserrat Vineyards Damifino Semi-Sweet Western
Montserrat Vineyards Tre' Belle Sweet Western
Mount Pleasant Branson Winery Pink Catawba Sweet Augusta
Mount Pleasant Branson Winery Ten Bucks Sparkling Sweet Augusta
Sainte Genevieve Winery Lady Genevieve Sweet Southeast
St. James Winery Pink Catawba Sweet Ozark Highlands
Stone Hill Winery Pink Catawba Semi-Sweet Hermann
Terre Beau Winery American Woman Sweet Western
The Eagle’s Nest Winery Pikers Blush Semi-Dry Augusta
Thousand Oaks Winery & Vineyard Miss Kitty Sweet Southeast
Three Trails Winery Sweet Catawba Sweet Western
Traver Home Winery Pink Catawba Semi-Sweet Ozark Highlands
Vance Vineyards & Winery Sweet Pink Catawba Sweet Southeast
Whispering Oaks Vineyard & Winery Catawba Sweet Ozark Highlands
Williams Creek Winery Catawba Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
Winery of the Little Hills Mon Fils Semi-Dry Central
Winery of the Little Hills Main Street Red Semi-Sweet Central
Winery of the Little Hills Catawba Blush Semi-Sweet Central
Winery of the Little Hills Sweet Abbie Rose Sweet Central



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