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Why did you create We created because we have a passion for wine and a passion for our home state of Missouri. We believe Missouri wines are poised to take on national prominence, and we want to help do our part to spread the word. How does differ from the, the official website for the Missouri wine industry? Although the state of Missouri does a fine job of supporting the wineries, is mainly an insider resource. is primarily aimed at consumers. Our goals are different, and we believe that our website complements the state of Missouri’s. Do you intend to sell wine on No, our goal is to support Missouri wineries by driving visitors to the wineries and to their websites, and to tell consumers where they can buy Missouri wines locally. Wineries need to generate sales to succeed and to invest in their operations, and when wine drinkers buy direct, the wineries’ profit margins are higher. Wineries make the most revenue by selling wine at their tasting rooms, so that’s why we have a special focus on encouraging our visitors to visit wine country. How can I use As an online magazine and resource guide to the complete Missouri wine experience, there are many ways to use the site. Here are some ways we recommend: For novice wine drinkers:

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I’m with a winery. How can I update my winery profile, photo, label image or wine list? We want to make your winery listing as attractive and informative as possible, and we want to help you keep your information current. Please e-mail Kelsey Fish with the updated information, and she will update your winery page promptly. Or if you have questions, please call Kelsey Fish at 248-691-1800 ext. 116, and she’ll be glad to discuss changes with you.