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Augusta AVA Marks 40 Years

2020 marks 40 years since the Augusta AVA (American Viticultural Area) was declared the first federally designated viticultural area in the United States.In 1976, a wine-tasting test took place in Paris in which French...

Canned Wines: Portable, Sustainable — and Catching On

Businesses are always looking to revitalize the experience for consumers.For many wineries, that has led to the emergence of canned wine.“We want to shake up people’s perception of what Missouri wine is and what...

Celebrating Vidal Blanc — All Month

Missouri is celebrating Vidal Blanc throughout the month of June.Known for its crisp and clean flavor, Vidal Blanc is a French-American hybrid-white grape. In the Missouri wine industry, it accounts for 5.9 percent of...

The History of Missouri Wine

Immigration Surges with Missouri's Entry into StatehoodWhen Missouri achieved statehood in 1821, tens of thousands of immigrants came looking for a better life. Many were escaping political, religious and economic oppression in Europe. Missouri's...

Uniqueness of Place: ‘Terroir’ in Southeast Missouri

In culinary terms, “terroir” describes an area’s geography, climate and social features, especially those associated with viticulture.Terroir is a scary looking word. Yet, take a closer look. Terroir is actually a warm, fuzzy word....
Hank Johnson

Missouri’s Terroir d’Exception

The French call it terroir, a practically untranslatable word describing how that nation's special soil imparts subtle, sophisticated qualities of taste to their wine. Of course, France being France, the term also means much, much...
Norton Grapes

Norton, America’s True Grape: Whence, and Whither?

Wind turns grape flowers to berries by pollination. Yeast turns its berries to wine by fermentation.Such transformations have captivated man since the dawn of time, but perhaps wine holds its special prominence in the...
Hermann, Missouri

Hermann: A Rhineland Village on the Missouri

GERMANS drink wine, too. And that goes a long way toward accounting for Hermann, Mo.It explains why the German settlers who fled Philadelphia formality and founded Hermann in the 1830s planted grape arbors on...
Chaumette Winery

Missouri’s New Wine Country

from the January 2007 issue of Wines & Vines Highlights Missouri has a thriving wine business, but it's challenging when you're a new winery in a new wine region. The wineries in southeast Missouri are in that...
Missouri Wine Country Fall Drive

Missouri Fall Drive Between the Bluffs

By Tom Uhlenbrock // Photos by Tom Uhlenbrock ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 09/10/2006CLARKSVILLE, MO. - Bring your checkbook on this road trip, and not because of the price of gasoline.Artists appreciate beauty, and that may be why...