St. Louis Wine Clinic Announces 8-Week Course

St. Louis Wine Clinic announces the launching of a brand new eight-week wine course open to consumers and the wine industry trade

February 14th, 2007

St. Louis Wine Clinic proudly announces the launching of a brand new eight-week wine clinic – now open to consumers as well as to the wine industry trade.

Originally formed to educate local area wine industry professionals, The Clinic recently opened to the public after receiving strong interest from the consumer market.

Company principals Christopher Hoel and Stanley Browne will instruct The Clinic, as well as their new partner Jennifer Johnson.

Hoel is an Advanced Sommelier with the Master Court of Sommeliers and a Certified Specialist of Wine with the Society of Wine Educators; and Browne and Johnson also hold Certified Specialist of Wine distinctions, and they are Certified Sommelier with the Master Court of Sommeliers.

Beginning February 4th and ending May 6th, 2007, the series costs $250 – which includes all wines, handouts and instruction. Wine enthusiasts can register for the entire series or for individual classes, at $45 per class.

For more information or to register, visit

Unlike most wine tastings, The Clinic provides a unique and objective wine education experience – vital elements in the study of wine.

Each class focuses on different aspects of wine, with an emphasis on world regions, wine styles and varieties within those regions.

Hoel and Browne focus on information sharing, but include interesting facts, entertaining anecdotes and of course, lots of wine tasting.

β€œEverywhere I go, people want to talk about wine as soon as they learn that what I do, and they are always asking for more in-depth classes, so I think the consumer interest is strong,” says Browne.

Until now, Browne and Hoel have not advertised or promoted the clinic, but have sold out with 40 students on average enrolled in each series.

Hoel states, β€œWe feel the interest is there to promote a solid understanding of wine to the general public. The course is for those that already enjoy wine and are serious about learning more.”

Longtime friends, Hoel and Browne have worked professionally in the St. Louis wine industry for years.

They have been instructing The Clinic for more than 3 years, having taught more than 200 students, many of whom have enrolled in The Clinic to prepare for the Master Court of Sommeliers and Society of Wine Educators exams – with more than 50 students passing intermediate and advanced level exams.

Joining Hoel and Browne in the redirection of the company is Jennifer Johnson, who will help teach and handle marketing and business development. Ms. Johnson specializes in wine marketing and education, and is a former partner in the prolific Southern California wine education company LearnAboutWine.

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