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Terroir Southeast

Uniqueness of Place: “Terroir” in Southeast Missouri

(This is part 1 of our series on the "terroir" of Missouri's wine regions. Look for part 2 coming soon.)Terroir is a scary looking word. Yet, take a closer look. Terroir is actually a...
Hank Johnson

Missouri’s Terroir d’Exception

The French call it terroir, a practically untranslatable word describing how that nation's special soil imparts subtle, sophisticated qualities of taste to their wine. Of course, France being France, the term also means much, much...
Norton Grapes

Norton, America’s True Grape: Whence, and Whither?

Wind turns grape flowers to berries by pollination. Yeast turns its berries to wine by fermentation.Such transformations have captivated man since the dawn of time, but perhaps wine holds its special prominence in the...
Hermann, Missouri

Hermann: A Rhineland Village on the Missouri

GERMANS drink wine, too. And that goes a long way toward accounting for Hermann, Mo.It explains why the German settlers who fled Philadelphia formality and founded Hermann in the 1830s planted grape arbors on...
Black Pearl Wine Label

The History of Missouri Wine

Immigration Surges with Missouri's Entry into StatehoodWhen Missouri achieved statehood in 1821, tens of thousands of immigrants came looking for a better life. Many were escaping political, religious and economic oppression in Europe. Missouri's...

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Perfect Venue for Weddings & Events

Longing for a spectacular Missouri country winery or vineyard wedding? We offer wedding and party packages ranging from venue rental to full service party planning. We can accommodate up to 200 guests with parking for 150 cars.

Join the Hand-picked Wine Club!

The Hand Picked Wine Club was created to bring our friends and valued customers together to celebrate the different wines made at Edg-Clif.

Blumenhof Presented with 2011 Missouri Governor’s Award

The 2011 Missouri Governor’s Cup award was presented to Blumenhof Vineyards and Winery at a ceremony held May 10, 2012, at the Capitol building in Jefferson City.

Missouri Wine Begins Exporting to China

Mount Pleasant, one of Missouri’s oldest and largest wineries, is for the first time exporting to China. The winery recently sent their first shipment, consisting of 900 cases of Vidal Chardonnay, Pink Catawba, Claret, Villagio, R

Missouri’s premier Sustainable Vineyard & Winery Celebrates Earth Day throughout the year

April 14th, 2010“Sustainable” can mean so many things. For Missouri’s Jowler Creek Winery, sustainable means making choices throughout the year to positively impact our environment, be efficient with the resources we have available, improve...